Newsletter 4, January/February 2017

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Bee the Solution – Newsletter 4, January/February 2017

By Chrystel Vert-Pré


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Each post is a short story about the people, how we came across each other, the seed of the projects… as we grow with the projects, more and more details will be added.

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January was the time for our AGM. It was our first and all went well. Active members can find the minutes and accounts on their dedicated website.

In 2016, we welcomed 2 active members and were very grateful for the 365€ donated toward making the work on the ground happen.

In January, we were also glad to welcome 2 new members to the organisation and the donation of a laptop/printer that we were able to bring back to our mobile office.


Language challenge

I publish in French and English. I generally write in one language and translate in the other. But the time spent in translation is similar to the original writing. The only time-saving point is that the topic is known when writing the second language…
The next article was a little different to write in English and in French as the main reason for writing it in the first place was to clarify English acronyms that can be confusing as they are fairly close. Having said that, there was a need to clarify those terms in French too as they also raise questions.
So for once, it will be a different article in French and English (pour ceux qui lisent les 2), based on the same topic – and not of one article written in both languages. Vocabulary differs depending on the language…

Too much to say…

Being late for the January Newsletter, and having too many things to say, instead of sending two newsletters one after the other, I decided to wait a little and issue a combined January/February Newsletter.
This does mean though, that this newsletter has more articles than usual and is therefore longer than previous (and future…) newsletter. Which in turn, lead to a new format.
Hopefully the content is still useful – time is scarce and for a newsletter, size matters but most of all:

NGO, NPO, CBO, PVO….? What are they?

Note: there are many more terms out there….. I have only focused on those that we found more often. And in particular the difference between NGO and NPO…

First of all… what do those acronyms stand for?

NGO = Non Governmental Organisation
NPO = Not for Profit Organisation / Non Profit Organisation
CBO = Community Based Organisation
PVO = Private Voluntary Organisation


Now that we know what they mean, what is the difference between them?

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Does Not for Profit means that there is no money?

No… There is money involved… Like in everything… Even time…

 What does Not for Profit means then?

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But what are the costs of being in the field?

In the December newsletter, we explained why we are doing what we are doing, and why this way. This means travelling, being in the field to help support local populations. We mentioned, that regardless of the cost of a project itself, there are costs associated to being in the field. So now… what are those costs?

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Unseen changes….

People change. Things change. We learn. We adapt. The world around us is in constant movement and we have to adapt to little or big changes every day.

A lot of the changes we face come from us. Some of those changes come from our learning. As the saying goes, “A wise man changes his mind sometimes, a fool never”, and so one should hope that we want to be in the wise man category. Well, ok, maybe not all the time or we will end up categorised as undecided. But as we advance in life, we need to constantly re-adjust. Not necessarily question what we are doing all the time. But consider feedback, both external and from ourselves, to try and improve our ways.

For once, a catch-22 situation that I do like (sometimes): Changes come from learning and learning comes from change.

But a lot of the changes are also unseen. As time is passing, I am (hopefully) improving on the website. Changing  it ways and writing/presentation. And as it often happens, from conception to realisation, it can take more time than anticipated… but most of the changes do not reflect on the front side of the site. Just hoping to make your navigation easier.


Please do not hesitate to contact us @

Feel free to send us feedback. We are open to suggestions and comments. As we are young and learning, we value your opinion even more than usual and are very grateful for it.

Let us know about what you want to see in the Newsletter, which projects you are interested in, any ideas you have for a project.

Have a safe month ahead

Chrystel, (Maya), Odile, Hélène and Jean-Louis





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