Newsletter 0 – Launch of “Bee the solution”

By Chrystel Vert-Pré – Chairman (and Maya – faithful support)

Welcome to our first edition of “Bee the solution” newsletter.

It is our great pleasure to launch our organisation “Bee the solution” and share with you what we have been busy with over the last few years.

“Bee the solution” is a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO) and the launch comes after a few months (…) of feasibility study. We have been preparing and travelling in Southern/Eastern Africa, setting-up a network of routes, finding local communities and looking at a few projects for the past years.

You can find a lot more details on our brand new website:

As we are just starting to share our work, please feel free to send us any comments and suggestions on improving the website, any questions you might have that are not covered in the FAQ, but also any supporting words if you want to encourage us in our work.

The format of this newsletter is special as we want to introduce ourselves, and the tools we have developed, as well as our intended communication. Future newsletter will include activities in the month, and/or further details on a project.

Being French but primarily working in English-speaking countries, the newsletter and website are available in both languages (other languages are also available with Google Translate).
You would not believe how difficult it has been to make sure that they are both the same, in language and presentation. I might actually list translation from English to French as one of the most challenging job I have done… Even though, these were my words and my mother tongue…

Today, you are receiving both languages (by email only) – Please let us know your preference for future communication (or check the section below).

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Thank you!
We hope that you enjoy reading about us on the website – and we thank you for taking the time to do so.

Have a wonderful month ahead!
Chrystel, (Maya), Odile, Hélène et Jean-Louis