Mabasa – Solar energy

MabasaMabasa lives in Zimbabwe, on the shore of Lake Kariba. He was born and breed in Kariba, the town that sits on the edge of the Kariba Dam Wall.

Mabasa is passionate about Zimbabwe, and Kariba in particular. He is very motivated in making things happen and very curious about everything.

After completing his schooling, he worked for the Barclays Bank, rising overtime to supervisor manager, moving to different branches in the country. After his time at the bank, he held a number of jobs in management, some including extensive travels around Zimbabwe.
Through circumstances, he became interesting in Guiding and studied to become a Guide, both for game drive and canoe. This allowed him to eventually come back home to his family in Kariba.


He then worked on the ferry crossing the lake, but, economical circumstances meant that he had to yet find another job. He is now working on the Kariba dam, as an assistant electrician in the tunnels for the new turbines that are being installed for electricity production.

His heart goes to his community in Kariba. While it does not impact him directly, he is very keen to find solution to help those around him.
This is why he reached out to me in the first place. He was interested in improving the life of the kapenta fishermen, working on the lake.

While he does not have a direct interest in the fishing, this is the main economy of the area – and he wants his community to have a better life, so that his family (including his 2 sons) can have a better perspective for the future.

The current economy in Zimbabwe is falling apart, with over 80% unemployment in the country, lots of corruption, high cost of living for low paid salaries. But the main concern at the time was not even financial: improvement of the fishing technique will actually have an major impact on the health of the community, reducing the air and noise pollution that the fishermen are being exposed to.