Hector – Computer Expert


Hector is a successful 30 years-old Zimbabwean. He is from Kariba, on the shore of Lake Kariba, in Zimbabwe. He was born and raised there. His passion in life is about computers. So much so, that he managed to learn it all and set-up a successful computer venture in Kariba.

There is no technical studies in Kariba and after high school, Hector could not follow formal education there to learn about computers. He is so passionate though that he turned to self-studying and become an expert on his own (well, he actually started during his high school years…). He is a perfect example of the saying “where there is a will, there is a way”. Not one to be demotivated, he found a way to learn about what he wanted to do. Not easy in a place where little is available in term of technology (and there was even less in ‘his time’).

Having tested and succeeded, he want to share his good fortune and determination with the rest of his community. Access to computer and digital learning (on-line or off-line) is virtually non-existent in Kariba. But introducing computers would not be enough to help the community: one of the barrier to the use of computer is knowledge about them.

So Hector is keen on providing free computer classes to people of the Kariba community, giving his time and committing 2 hours a day to it. His passion is motivating. He want to make a difference with what he acquired on his own, and make it easier for others to use available learning technologies.

Learning computers and having access to them will open a whole different world to people of all generations in this region, where textbook are hard to come about, even at school.

Hector will help the current and future generations in many ways through those classes, paving the way to build a better future for his 1 year-old son.


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