As a not-for-profit association, we will be solely funded when a project has met minimum grant request requirements and is receiving funding, or when consulting is performed in small structures.

Direct donations to “Bee the solution” are therefore welcome and needed to allow for work to be conducted in the field on feasibility of a project and/or for financial support of small projects when only small items are required and cannot be financed through grant request (such as computers, stationary, one-off rent of community hall, etc…)

In-kind support is also welcome when opportunities are arising (books, clothes, stationary items, mobile phones, computers, care items,…).

We thank you for your support.

If you wish to make an in-kind donation, complete the in-kind donation form and contact us at so that we can discuss arrangements.

If you want to donate to Bee the solution, please return the donation form to and make your donation by:

    • Cash
    • Electronic Fund Transfer to the organisation account (IBAN details) or
    • PayPal (also considered as EFT)
    • Bank cheques(payable in France only)**

*While we appreciate all donations, please note that there are fees levied by PayPal when choosing this route. We want to bring it to your attention, to bear in mind that not all your donation will therefore reach us. We do therefore prefer direct transfer or cash, especially for small amounts.

**Bank cheques are only accepted from accounts held in France. Bank cheques should be issued to “Association Bee the Solution” and sent to the head office at Association Bee the Solution, 8 Rue La Rana, 11570 Palaja, France

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