Can I receive a Tax Receipt?

Unfortunately at this time, “Bee the solution” will not be issuing Tax Receipt for donation received. This is not the answer that most of you would expect to see, and we want to explain briefly the reasons.

Tax receipt would only be applicable to those who pay taxes in France as we are a French-registered organisation.

To be able to issue Tax Receipts, an organisation has to be considered of “general interest” (d’intérêt général) and fits a number of criteria.

Organisations self-assess if they are of “general interest” based on the following criteria:

  • be registered and operate in France (except for humanitarian organisations)
  • be conducting actions in philanthropy, education, science, sport, humanitarian, social, familial or cultural activities
  • have an impact on a large circle of people
  • be not for profit and not conduct profitable activities

Furthermore, donations should be free of any services or compensations.

While we do think that we fit all criteria, as we are only starting activities, we do not feel that we have enough activities to justify of humanitarian status and will not at this time consider ourself as fitting the definition.

Once we are more established, we will re-assess the situation and inform you accordingly.

If you are interested, more information is available at (French only)



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